It’s Been a Week!

Well it’s been a week since we launched Big Girls Don’t Cry and it has been a week of hard work and excitement.  Mark and I have worked constantly on the website adding new stock and improving the page.  We have spent hours on social media and we have poured all we have in to this new venture.  We have learnt things about Facebook we didn’t know existed and we have spent time on platforms such as twitter that we have never used before and setting up this blog would not have been possible without my partner in all this, Mark, he is the man behind all the technical stuff, as well as being an immense support.

The week has only gone to compound in our minds the reasons for starting this venture.  I have spoken to so many inspirational women and men and their stories have inspired and captivated me.  The strength of character and the true beauty in people has given me such an immense boost and has pushed myself and Mark to keep going and to reach for what we really want.  I want this concept that we have so much passion for to be seen by as many people as possible and if I can inspire just one person, in the way I have been inspired by others, this will make it all worthwhile.

Now obviously we are running a business and the ultimate goal is to keep on selling and allow this wonderful website to develop and grow.  We are looking for new suppliers to expand our range and we are looking forward to attending Moda-UK Fashion Exhibition on Tuesday to look at some new ranges and get even more ideas.  We have so many ideas about pop up shops, events and the ultimate goal of having a high street shop dedicated to plus size women and showing the world we are beautiful and have a wild side to.

That is the thing I want to focus on this week.  The wild side we all have.  That little bit of us that craves something exciting and a little naughty.  Life is full of so many things that bring us down and stop us from being “the real us” that dulls that part of us or forces us to suppress it.  Well I don’t want to anymore.  I have a naughty side, a side that likes beautiful lingerie and feeling sexy, not for anyone else but for me.  The concept and the products we stock show, I hope, that women of every size can find and wear stunning, elegant and sexy lingerie and embrace their wild side!

So come and take a look at the wonderful selection we have to offer and let me know what you think.  I want to hear your opinions and your suggestions and I would like to hear your stories and hopefully find new friends along the way.

Kerry XXX


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