Moda Trade Show

Yesterday we headed to Moda Trade Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. We weren’t sure what to expect or even if the trip would be worthwhile. When we arrived at the NEC we settled ourselves for a bite of breakfast and talked through what we were hoping to find, we have had some feedback from customer’s that more selection of good plus size bras are needed so this was our main focus. After our bite to eat we headed into the first show hall.

The women’s wear was intoxicating, the colours and dress styles were mesmerising and we had to put our heads down and not look to much as we could have been there for hours and we needed to focus on what we were there for. The exhibition space for the lingerie was vast and we knew instantly we were going to have a good day. We wandered through the exhibitors stands looking at the beautiful lingerie and nightwear but focused on finding the plus size goodies we were looking for. The first stand we found of interest to us was from one of our current suppliers Alterego! We chatted to Amie our contact and it was lovely to put a face to the name and to have a look at the beautiful lingerie from Shirley of Hollywood and Ballerina. The Shirley of Hollywood lingerie is beautifully made and we have got some great ideas about new stock. And as I type Mark is adding more products to the site after seeing more of the beautiful stockings from Ballerina.

Full of enthusiasm we said goodbye to Amie and started our exploration again. We were lucky enough to find the stand for Silhouette Lingerie. The brand is elegant and has a vintage retro feel. The lingerie comes in just four colours, Black, White, Pearl and Caramel. The bras are beautifully made and come in sizes up to a 42 back and a G cup. We got a really positive vibe from the stand and the personal touch that is provided and we hope we can pass that on to our customers. Mandy the exhibitor was really enthusiastic and really understood what we were trying to achieve.

Mandy then introduced us to the wonderful creator and designer of Bloomin’ Sexy, a brand new company who are producing sexy, high quality anti chafe shorts with matching bras and robes. The quality and the workmanship in the clothing was exceptional and we were blown away by the passion and the genuine enthusiasm of the small team behind the brand. The anti-chafe shorts were exquisite and bought a real feminine beauty to a problem us Big Girls often face. We are definitely going to be keeping in touch with Bloomin’ Sexy and hope to have the products on the site very soon.

We had seen so much in such a short space of time we decided to grab a coffee and talk over all we had seen. We knew we had found what we had come for and we were able to enjoy the rest of the day knowing we had achieved so much. We wandered around the rest of the lingerie hall, looking at the colours and styles that are coming in the new season. We chatted to a few of the other exhibitors and we handed out plenty of business cards. We then headed back to the womenswear and accessories hall to have a look around and take in all the up and coming styles.

We went to our first fashion show as retailers and were mesmerized by the models and the stunning lingerie, the styles from sexy, fun, flirty and elegant and how they popped on the catwalk. We both said we would love to have seen some plus size models but we are aware this is not always going to be the case when it comes to events like this.

It really has cemented in our minds the need for a website dedicated to women size 14 plus. Somewhere to find the sexy side of life. Not frumpy, not items to cover us up or squash us down but items that flaunt all we have and provide us with comfort without compromising on beauty and fun.

We are so excited about all we found and we hope to show you more soon.

Kerry xxx


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