Plus Size imagery and new stock

Over the last few days we have had a complete website redesign and have been adding lots of new products to the site.  We are very proud of the new site and we would really love some feedback on the new layout and in particular the mobile site.  It took so long to get the mobile site working as we wanted it and we feel that we may finally be there.

We have added a new line to the website with more products being added daily.  Silhouette is a range of classic, elegant and slightly retro lingerie featuring bras, briefs and Basques.  In sizes up to 42 back and JJ cup.  The brand is well established and beautifully made.  There are some stunning everyday bras with matching briefs and ranges of elegant and sexy Basques and Bustier.  The ranges start in a back size 30 and although this is not a plus size measurement we have taken the decision to offer in these sizes due to the large cup size.  It can be such a struggle to find a well-fitting, beautiful bra and we want everyone to be able to get their hands on these wonderful ranges.  Please take a look as more products are being added all the time.

Adding the new stock has highlighted an issue for me that I have been aware of as a consumer but I am now considering as a retailer.  A lot of the ranges we stock are specifically designed for sizes 14 plus so the models and the product photos reflect this however there are ranges that the size range starts from a size 8 and in these instances the stock photos are normally of a model who is in the this smaller size.  We started this website with the focus on plus size and being able to shop on a site that showcases the plus size women and how beautiful and sexy she is.  In the interest of body positivity and everyone deserving to be showcased for who they are I want to make it clear I am not against slimmer women or do not want to push any negativity onto anyone who is not a size 14 plus but I do want those that use to be able to see themselves in the products we offer

Is this something that effects your shopping experience?  Seeing items marked as plus size being modelled by someone who clearly is not. Is this something that would stop you looking further on a website or even purchasing?  We really want the site to be a comfortable and happy shopping experience which allows us plus size girls to find the type of lingerie and bedroom attire that is missing on the high street, I would hate it if the product imagery caused this not to be the case.  So again I am asking for your opinion and feedback on this.

I want this website to be a community of likeminded women to not only purchase beautiful lingerie but to use our social media platforms to discuss issues relating to body confidence, online shopping, life, love and whatever else springs to mind!  I would like the website and associated social media to be a platform for sharing ideas and just having fun.  Everyday life can be such a drudge of work and family and stress, I would love to have this little bubble of fun, naughty and colourful life that all that use it can be proud of.  So we have created a forum for all us wonderful, sexy and brilliant Big Girls can have a place to chat, laugh, moan or ask for advice.  A place that it is ours to express who we are.  Please take a look at the forum at –


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