‘Big Girls’ a man’s perspective

Firstly, let me introduce me, I’m the other half of the Big Girls Don’t Cry duo, Kerry and I have been together for 7 years she was a Big Girl when I met and she is now it doesn’t define our relationship and it doesn’t label us as a couple.

Size is a number consumerism has created to label and define, now I can’t change the system or can I… I can I hope change the perception and attitude towards it…at Big Girls Don’t Cry we would love to dispense with numbering and labelling but if we were to do that then who would know which item to pick and would it fit, we have been indoctrinated into labelling our body sizes to the point that now it is second nature to walk in to a store and refer to ourselves as ‘I’m a 24’….You’re not your you….you wear a size 24 but it’s not who you are.

In every aspect of our lives we are taught to be individual, promote and sell ourselves except when it comes to body image…. specifically, women’s body image, magazines and fashions, adverts and media…. Body image is portrayed in the next fad diet, weight loss programme, exercise DVD or catwalk unrealistic view of how a women should look…. From a man’s perspective how a woman should look is confident and happy, that can’t be defined by body shape or size alone.

Big Girls Don’t Cry is a website dedicated to bringing sensual, elegant and sexy lingerie to the labelled ‘Plus Size’ but we want to be more than that, we want to be at the driving end of changing the way we label, perceive and define ourselves through body image. We want our guests to be themselves to choose clothing for them not for stereotype society dictates.

Society dictates how we should be seen and how much can be seen, the size and shape of our bodies appears the defining aspect when these rules are imposed but why should society imposed rules upon our own bodies…be proud of who you are, show what you want and be seen for who you want to be.

Big Girls Don’t Cry are striving to locate practical lingerie that has that edge, the side that will make our ‘Big Girls’ feel amazing, extenuate their natural beauty but blow the socks off the partner lucky enough to see them…we have hit many issue regarding our imagery and it being seen as overtly sexualised….we are happy to see that they are being viewed in a sexualised manner……we want our guests to been able to feel sexy and been seen as such, our models are stunning and real women just like you.

As a man entering into the world of woman’s lingerie it has opened my eyes to the way women’s body image is viewed and the biggest surprise is that these negative views are rarely perpetuated by men but by women, the way you view yourselves or are viewed by other women appear to dictate how you feel, as a man, the beauty a women exudes is within her, the ability to walk in to a room and with attitude alone display an air of beauty that has nothing to do with what size they are or how they look, is the ultimate attraction.  I am not unaware that the clothing a woman what she wears can be the difference between having that attitude and not which is why at Big Girls Don’t Cry we want to aid in giving our ‘Big Girls’ the tools to walk in that room with the right attitude.

A final flurry, a word from me, continue being the beautiful ‘Big Girls’ you are, continue to walk in to that room and blow the socks of all that see you, share the ‘Big Girl’ message so others can feel like you and remember www.biggirlsdontcry.co.uk has everything you need to be you!!!

Mark X



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