Body Positive Truely Happy or Just Content?


How do you feel Body Positive? this is a question we at Big Girls Don’t Cry recently asked our Facebook followers, the array of words and responses were astounding and a real insight into how Big Girls felt about themselves.

The real joy came from not getting any obviously negative responses or so we thought until we delved and thought about things a bit harder. A lot of the words we expected to see appeared Sexy, Big and Curvy but the surprise words were content and confident. My question to you is should these words be linked to how we look or what shape or size we are? …are these not something that we should have with those around us.

Content conjures a feeling of settled or resigned but doesn’t leave me feeling happy, this may be just a perception I have or a way in which I am reading this, but how many times has a ‘Big Girl’ told themselves they are ‘content’ but inside they are hating who they are and how they appear.

Big Girls Don’t Cry was setup to enable ‘Big Girls’ in particular to be able to move away from ‘content’ and move towards happy, proud and confident, all these words did appear but there are still those that have not reached that place, which means we still have work to do.

Body Positivity has recently been the steam roller quote for the Plus Size Movement and it has somehow been diluted to a commercially viable bandwagon…now I know there are some of you reading this that will call us no different and I will answer that yes we are a commercial entity, yes we are in the market of selling to make money but we also want to create a community a place where our ‘Big Girls’ can air their views, exchange their thoughts and feel they are being listened to.  We are creating a site that enables our ‘Big Girls’ to explore who they are and feel they can wear, look and do anything they have previously been told they can’t

We want our ‘Big Girls’ to be involved in what we are doing, tell us their thoughts, desires even… at present we are only online as an entity we are moving this family run venture forward whilst both myself and Kerry work fulltime jobs and juggle 3 wonderful children, however our aim is to hit the high street not just with a store but to create a community hub promoting a body positive image and enabling women of all shapes and sizes to start feeling happy in themselves and not just ‘content’

Please lets us know your thoughts, tell us How YOU feel body positive?

Mark X


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