Things That go Bump in the Night!

We have over the last few weeks added loads of new products, new suppliers and worked tirelessly to find things to enchant excite and entice you all.

How are we doing? Have you visited the website?

Our aim has always been to seek lingerie for the Big Girl that doesn’t just play a functional role but extenuates their natural beauty, makes them feel good about themselves and maybe explore that playful edge.

With that in mind we have started to add a range of PVC fetish wear from a wonderful supplier Noir Handmade, these products are incredibly well made and really show off those curves with just enough raw edge and sass to drop the jaws of onlookers, these are not just for the confines of your own home they are clawing to get out on the town.

For those that feel that little hidden desire and want to enrich their boudoir experience then we have one or two items to really liven things up and push those playful boundaries, fancy being tied up and spanked or perhaps you’re the dominant one then these will have your cheeks red in no time (not blushing ladies).

Winter is coming and thoughts of comfort and nights in with loved ones is fast approaching but who ever said it had to be flannel PJ’s hidden from head to toe. These will help those long drawn out nights heat up fast and do it with style, comfort and sex appeal. Soft, silky cami sets from NineX are just perfect when snuggling close on the sofa.

Finally, we are the in the stages of assisting the bustier of our Big Girls we are slowly bringing the Elila Range of bras online these are well crafted and designed bras specifically for the larger bust, they are in American sizing but we have added a handy conversion chart to get you started and with pricing from around £50 delivered in the UK who can turn down that offer.

The spook season is upon us and thoughts of all things that go bump in the night are running through our heads (not all of them clean!) make sure you have liked our Facebook Page and be the first to hear of the great costume deals and maybe a little competition as reward

Go on treat yourselves and who knows you may be making new noises in the full moon this October!!!

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