Plus Size Plight, Struggle and Support.

I’m not a ‘Plus Size’ individual and I have had comments that I should not be speaking out for those that are…. I will agree that I have not directly felt and experienced what it is like dislike who you are, to look at yourself feel unhappy with what you see, I have also not experienced the bigotry and disdain that others have put upon you.

With all that said I have now been with my partner, my best friend and soulmate (Men can be soppy too) for 7 years, all her life she has felt ashamed of who she is and how she looks, her confidence shattered and broken.  She has suffered body image issues to the point of depression and never felt as though she was able to be ‘her’ the ‘her’ that I see and love…initially no amount of compliment or reassurance seemed to soften these barriers she had created for herself and I became as much a part of the issue as the solution until Kerry slowly let me in and made me understand and realise the damage that had been caused.


I have and will continue to support Kerry in developing her own love for who she is, support her in seeing all the beauty she exudes not just physical but from deep within in her that only increases as her own confidence grows.

The road has been long and as a couple we have learnt huge amounts and we continue to learn and grow as individuals and as a couple.

To those that say that unless you are you can’t know…. I’ll refer them to MY ‘Plus Size’ Wife I know she will tell them that I am as much a ‘Plus Size’ person as any and know all too well the plight and struggle that is faced.

Big Girls Don’t Cry is as much a therapy as it is a business venture, it’s the next stage in Kerry’s development, this is her brainchild, this is her baby, I may be heavily involved but this is hers and I won’t detract from that…each mile stone is another confidence boost that she can and she should continue…I’m finally seeing her start to see what I see but more importantly she is seeing that she is growing and appreciating herself.

I hope that all ‘Big Girls’ can, will and do see just how amazing they are and if they don’t then maybe we can help them see it together.


2 thoughts on “Plus Size Plight, Struggle and Support.

  1. As I have known you all your life I know the struggle you have had with body image and all that goes with it. People might think I’m biased being your mum but I believe you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. Always kind, thoughtful worried about others even when you were a little girl. Generous of heart and passionate particularly where you see injustice. Guilty of thinking others are better than you or prettier or deserve more!! Nothing could be further from the truth. I like Mark can see the real you emerging. This new business is so you and I wish you all the success you deserve. Keep loving, crying, laughing and being determined to succeed. Love you with all my heart and so happy you are my daughter and also my closest friend xx


    1. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful mum and dad who have been there for me always and are such a wonderful support. Who taught me how to love and have shown me what true kindness and support is. I love you very much and would not be who I am without you x


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