What are you goals for 2017?

I have been thinking a lot recently about what I want to achieve and how I am choosing to get there.  I am 34 and I have a wonderful family, a partner I adore and three kids, who drive me mad, make me want to scream but who I love very much and who are intelligent (sometimes too much so) and who are wonderful human beings.

I have been a mum since I was 20 and I have loved every minute of it, the ups the downs and the heartache and I will continue to love it but the kids are growing up and becoming self-sufficient which has led me to look at what I want and start to do things that are just for me.  Its an odd concept which no doubt most mums feel, the idea of putting yourself first does not always come naturally.  I sat down with Mark a few months ago and we had a big talk about what we wanted as a couple and as individuals, this led to a change in my job to something I have actually wanted to do for so long and it was the start of the business.  The little notion that had been in the back of our minds for so long that we finally decided to make a reality.  So life has been changing rapidly over the last few months to accommodate all the changes this new work direction has bought upon us.  I work full time at the day job for the first time in about 8 years and then I go home and work on the business and try to make that the best it can be.  I look after the kids and I look after the house.  Mark has a pretty similar routine and together we make it work and it does.  Really well.  Some days are harder than others and some days we think we are doing too much but then we get a message from a happy customer and honestly that makes it all worthwhile.

So my thoughts have turned to what is next?  What else can I achieve?  I have thought for a long time about the next steps we can take with the business and we are determined that in the New Year we will start by attending some shows, get the Big Girls Don’t Cry message out there and start to meet some of our lovely ladies.

So here is the question where would you like to see us? And what goals do you have for the coming year?


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