Fun and Frolics at the Burlesque Ball


Last Saturday Mark and I attended the Burlesque Ball at the O2 in London.  We have been to Burlesque shows before but this is the biggest we have attended.  The event itself was at The Brooklyn Bowl which is inside the O2, a wonderful venue with a fabulous rock and roll atmosphere.  Mark and I had not been to the O2 before and loved the experience, the dome is full of a really eclectic mix of restaurants and bars. 

We attended the event with our wonderful friends from “Something Wicked This Way Comes” after I won tickets in a Facebook competition run by the organisers Chaz Royal.  We had good company, a fantastic venue and were about to watch 9 wonderful burlesque performances, what more could you ask for from a night out?

I love to get dressed up and this was the perfect opportunity, vintage dress, petticoat and curls in my hair, I felt like a million dollars and I think I looked it to!

Chaz Royal's Burlesque Ball 2016

Our hostess for the evening was the amazing Kiki DeVille, who I can honestly say stole the show for me, she is funny, beautiful and incredibly talented. I have not laughed so hard for a long time.  Kiki was engaging from the outset and looked incredible in her “fat Elizabeth Taylor” outfit as she called it on the night.  Mark was sorely disappointed she did not select him to be part of the mini Burlesque lesson for the men mid-way through the show.

The Burlesque performers were incredible and we enjoyed every single one.  All were unique, sexy and very talented.  I have to say I had a little soft spot for the gorgeous Whisky Falls as she is Scottish and so am I.  Her performance was dark and sexy and the version of the Proclaimers 500 miles she performed to was wonderful.  I loved watching as she moved around the stage and teased the audience with her bottle of whisky.

The joy of Burlesque for me is that it is all inclusive, everyone is welcome, treated equally and is completely awesome!  It is a fully open community in which no one is judged on size, all the performers were beautiful, all shapes and sizes and so damn sexy!

The wonderful Lou Safire really did put the icing on the Burlesque Cake for us.  He was brooding, poised and a joy to watch.  It’s so wonderful to see Burlesque in all its guises and to see such a wonderful male performer is a joy. 

Performance with fire is something I really enjoy, the control and the beauty of such performances leave me mesmerized and seeing such an exceptionally sexy man twirl fire with his pert behind was, well for me anyway a definite treat.

I can honestly say we would recommend Burlesque to everyone, we always have a wonderful night, we always feel welcomed, at ease and always leave feeling empowered. 

Don those corsets and nipple tassels and Release your inner Burlesque Goddess with Big Girls Don’t Cry.

Kerry xx



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