I have been thinking for a while now about the imagery we use on  I want a website that screams at the top of its lungs that we are for plus size women, we want to celebrate and show off just how beautiful plus size women are.  Now this is not to say that I have anything against women who are under a size 14.  I don’t.  I think all women, no matter what size or shape are beautiful.  There is no question of this in my mind.  However this website has been aimed at size 14 plus because I am plus size and I felt there was something missing for plus size women.

I have touched on this subject before but felt I needed to revisit it. We have updated the website and we are adding new products and while we do this we are noticing more and more that brands who supply an item in a size 6 to 20 often choice to use a mobile that is at the lower end of this size range.  These models are beautiful and look stunning in the lingerie however I do not feel this represents and showcases not only the women who buy from us but the women I am and what as a company we stand for.

I want a plus size woman who shop’s on our website to feel included and represented and I feel that showing “regular” size models does not do this.  But the other side of this is that we are missing out on some really lovely lingerie and I want to provide as much choice as possible.

So I ask for your help. Your opinions and your experiences.  Would you feel comfortable seeing images of models that are clearly not plus size on a website that is exclusively for plus size women?

Please comment or head to our facebook page and let us know what you think.

luna_nd_blackAn example of the imagery we have for a size 14-20 babydoll

Kerry xx




3 thoughts on “Imagery

  1. I have to be honest. I am a body positive woman who celebrates and appreciates all sizes. However If you are trying to sell to a plus size community then you will struggle when using size 14’s.
    This is not due to a prejudice or being against smaller women.
    This is due to someone like me, a size 26 looking at someone who has a standard size figure and not being able to see or even imagine how I would look in the same thing.
    My body has bumps and rolls and soft squishy areas. A size 14 will carry their weight differently to me and I won’t look the same.
    This would put me off buying from your site because I need to know how I WILL Look in your beautiful products.


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. This is a subject I am so passionate about and it’s so lovely to talk to the women I want to inspire and have as customers. As a size 20-22 depending on brand etc I have often felt this way when looking at standard high street stores. We made the choice to start our sizing at a 14 as I have spoken to so many women who at this size also feel that prejudice from high street stores.

      As a small company, at the moment we are reliant on the images we are supplied by our stockist and we are trying to be as selective as possible when it comes to which ones we use on our website.

      The hope is that as the business builds we can start to produce our own images and really showcase and show off women of all shapes and sizes x


      1. That’s a fantastic idea honey. I did a lingerie shoot for Ewa Michalak 18months ago and she is a great example.
        For her bras she uses everything from an A cup to an N cup. Posed together, in matching knickers etc.
        This Means you get to see a wide scope of body shapes and sizes xx


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